Datasets hosts public data of the the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland and applications making use of them. These data mainly relate to people, courses, publications, projects, competences and research areas; they come from different sources and are available in different formats: some of them are structured (e.g. XML), others are available in a non-structured form. Therefore, in order to have a significant RDF dataset, a different strategy is used according to the type of data: the structured data are automatically extracted from the original sources (e.g. database, XML files), while not structured information is manually processed to create RDF/XML triples. In the current version data about a specific SUPSI research institute are used, which include three different laboratories

Concerning data models, existing vocabularies are employed where possible; for instance FOAF is used to describe people and organizations; in addition, an OWL ontology has been formalized to model classes and properties specific for our domain. The followng diagram represents the data model used for the Brick project.


Download the ontology (.owl)